Rex Carr

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Rex Carr




Rex Carr is the father of modern retriever training.  Methods used today were developed by Rex Carr at his California ranch.  The majority of retriever training methods used today were developed by Rex Carr at his Ranch. 

Dave Rorem, a student of Rex Carr, along with Rex conducted a three day retriever training seminar in 1994.
The original seminar conducted in 1994 has been digitally re-mastered and is available on this 4 DVD set.  This program is of great historical value to all students of the working retriever.





Favorite Rex Car Quotes

"You must have self-confidence. It is vital for success."
"You have to believe you can and will win every trial and every national."
"Fundamentals are the foundation to our success. Practice them often."
"You must learn to accept and make changes. Our sport demands it."
"You must never stop dreaming big. Your success hinges on it."
"Always, do what is right, with dogs and people."
"Always, be fair to dogs and people."
"Always, do the best you can . Do not accept mediocrity.”
"Nothing can lull you to sleep and cause complacency, like success can and does.”
"Don’t limit yourself to where our sport is now. Think beyond that, into the future.”
"Are you committed to excellence?”

Rex, you were committed to excellence your whole life. You have passed it on to many of us. David Rorem