Training with Mike Lardy VIII

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Training with Mike Lardy Volume III

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Volume III is a spiral bound manual of 22 photocopied articles on general retriever training guidelines, as well as specific marking and handling topics. Feature articles cover diverse areas including training pond design, nutrition and the National Retriever Championship. Many additional topics are covered.

It is suggested that Volume I and II be purchased prior to, or at the same time as, Volume III since all of the techniques and discussions are built on the knowledge base developed in these earlier article collections.

Volume III includes s/h in US    $29.95




Training with Mike Lardy V III Topics

General Training Guidelines
Pre-season Training
Too Sensitive?
Clean Up Your Advanced Training Setups
Improving Your Dog's Water Attitude
Generalizing: Why Your Dog Might Not Perform
Old Tricks In A New Place         
A Training Curriculum Outline
Direct and Indirect Pressure
Staying on Topic
Evaluating Retriever Talent
Training with Birds
The Lost Art of The Bird in the Water
Marking Topics
Twenty Ways to Control Head Swinging
Ten Tips to Improve Short Bird Marking
Marking Drills
Getting Started on Multiple Marks
Handling Topics
Baby Steps to Cold Blinds
Tips for Better Hanling in Training and Trials
Guidelines for Poison Birds
Feature Articles
Designing Training Ponds
Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Performance
The Special World of the Nationals
A Conversation with Mike Lardy