Training with Mike Lardy IV

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Training with Mike Lardy Volume IV


Mike's final article collection published in the Retriever Journal magazine. Includes advanced training on marks and blinds, training guidelines and much more.

Training with Mike Lardy Volume IV Includes s/h in U.S.   $29.95

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Training with Mike Lardy V IV Topics

General Training Guidelines
Training with Less Pressure
Note-taking for Retriever Training
Marking Topics
On Marking
Marking Mechanics
Advanced Marking Progression
Advanced Marking Progression Part II
Here, Handle, or Help
Trends in Field Trial Marking Tests
Handling Topics
On Blinds
Blind Mechanics
Advanced Training and the Factors
Advanced Blind Progression
The Use of Pressure for Casting
Error in Advanced Blind Training
Checklist of Advanced Blind Concepts
Feature Articles
Perspectives from Across the Pond
My Advice